10 Tips for Successful Hair Removal

If you are ready to say hello to an A1, impeccable version of yourself, the first thing that you need to say goodbye to is body hair. As simple as God made potatoes. And once you start considering the botheration and embarrassment caused by body hair,  it is better not having them around. So, let’s get started with letting go of the easy ones – body hair.

While there are a plethora of options available out there to remove your hair, one of the most enduring, injury free ways of going about removing those ‘uninvited guests’ is by using depilatory creams and cold waxes. Here we are going to share 10 tips that will help you complete a successful hair removal and sustain it that way. 

Tip #1: Scrub the skin well and that too, at least 24 hours prior to the waxing. The wax will stick on to the hair better and hence, more effective.  

Tip #2: Hair removal is better off on clean, healthy skin sans any pimples, sores etc. To avoid such bumps on the skin, try not to apply any body milk or oil before epilation.

Tip #3: Avoid a bath after waxing. Take some time off for yourself as hot water tends to soften the skin. 

Tip #4: Be it any depilatory product, sample them out by doing a patch test before applying it over the complete body area where you want the hair to be gone. This stays true for any brand or product, let alone that of Nair. We recommend this step. But having said that, the Nair Wax Strips are made with Milk & Honey Extracts that are suitable for sensitive skin as well. It is formulated with 97% natural origin ingredients formula and is dermatologically tested too. 

Tip #5: To give an instant relief to the skin after removing a wax strip, immediately apply the palm of your hand to the epilated area, exerting light pressure. Oh, it works!

Tip #6: Should there be any wax residues on the skin, don’t hesitate to peel them off using a used strip of fabric. 

Tip #7: While depilating the legs, for best results, it is ideal that the wax is applied from the top of the leg towards the ankle. The removal of the wax should be in the opposite direction. While doing your legs, place your bet on the Nair Hair Removal lotions. Infused with moisturising baby oil, it is dye free & paraben free. The lotion comes in two fragrances – rose and lemon and it leaves the skin on your legs silky and smooth. 

Tip #8: Perhaps the most important tip of them all is here. While removing the hair from your underarms, do it in two steps. This is because the hair there grows in two different directions – top to top and bottom to bottom. 

Tip #9: When it comes to the upper part of the armpit, apply the wax towards the elbow and remove the strip in the opposite direction. Conversely, for the lower part of the armpit, apply the wax downwards, and remove the strip in reverse order.

Tip #10: Lastly, for bikini waxing, the wax is applied in the direction of hair growth. Most often, the hair growth is towards the inside of the thighs, and hence is withdrawn in the opposite direction.

These ten tips works like a dream provided you are complimenting them with the best depilatory products that are available which is undoubtedly Nair. Nair has been in the business of ‘no-hair’ since 1940 and carries an experience and expertise of more than 8 decades. Our products range from the conventional depilatory creams to the most innovative hair removal sprays – all of which are 100% safe and leave the skin glowing, moisturised and glowing. 

So, start your journey to a better, spotless version of yourself, with Nair.

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