Benefits of Hair Removal Cream vs. Shaving

There’s nothing like the feel of gloriously smooth, hair-free skin. Hair removal creams and shaving provide two popular options for achieving it. But when considering hair removal cream vs. shaving, which way is better?

Weighing the Options

Is hair removal cream better than shaving? What if you were stranded on a deserted island with only one means of hair removal, which would you choose? Well, if stranded on a deserted island, you’d probably have more important things to think about than hair removal, but we can get back to that later. Although we’re comparing depilatory creams and shaving, this comparison isn’t about bashing anyone.

Shaving rocks. Sharp, thin blades that can be safely pulled across bare skin to remove unwanted hair – brilliant. And hair removal creams? Game changer! Spread them on with the convenience of lotion, then safely and effortlessly wipe away unwanted hair while being gentle on the skin.

Both methods score well on convenience. They’re quick, easy, readily available, and relatively inexpensive. They can even remove hair while you’re in the shower, a point celebrated by multitaskers everywhere. So, with outstanding benefits on both sides, how do you decide which method is better for you? The answer lies in the details.

While both techniques are effective at removing body hair, they go about it very differently. Shaving cuts the hair off at the skin’s surface. Depilatories, on the other hand, weaken the hair’s structure and gently exfoliate to remove hair from just below the skin’s surface. This distinction makes all the difference.

Longer-Lasting Results

Because Nair™ depilatories remove hair below the skin’s surface, the results last days longer than shaving. Not only does Nair™ remove hair, but it also gently exfoliates to reveal radiantly smooth skin. Shaving, on the other hand, removes hair from the skin’s surface. Because the hair is cut at a blunt angle at its widest point (just above the root), regrowth is visible faster and can look thicker (although it’s not). Razor stubble can appear on the same day as the shave, and is more noticeable with dark or coarse hair, making frequent shaving necessary in order to maintain a smooth, hair-free look.

Avoiding Common Skin Irritations

Depilatories provide smooth skin without the common irritations that can accompany shaving. Razor stubble, nicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs are all avoided by using hair removal creams. Whatever your preferred method, hair removal should be conducted with care and proper technique. If the skin is irritated, inflamed, sunburned, or otherwise damaged, wait until it’s completely healed to begin any type of hair removal. With depilatories, always perform a skin test before each use to make sure there are no skin sensitivities to the product, even if you’ve used it successfully before. Since body chemistry changes and may be affected by diet and environmental factors, reactions may change as well.

The Method of Choice

So when it comes to convenience, longer-lasting results, and avoiding common skin irritations, hair removal creams come out ahead. And in the unlikely event of being stranded on a deserted island (although hair removal probably wouldn’t be your first priority), the longer-lasting smooth, hair-free skin provided by a hair removal cream just might last until you’re rescued.

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