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Endless choice can sometimes be daunting isn’t it? Movie with friends or picnic with the family? Frappe or iced coffee? While some decisions are tough, decoding hair removal really needn’t be all that troubling. Hair removal creams are one of the safest, most economical and painless methods out there and can be used safely on sensitive skin types as well.

And no, removing unwanted hair does not make it grow back thicker with a vengeance. It’s just hair and not such a difficult subject like math. Actually, hair removal creams like Nair removes hair from below the skin by working close to the roots, leaving your skin smooth. They can be used on sensitive areas like underarms and bikini-line too, just ensure that the product is not used on the intimate parts.





Follow a few easy tips while using Nair. Choose a variant based on your skin type and area of application. Conduct multiple patch tests to ensure there is no skin irritation, then prep the area and follow instructions on pack. If you feel any irritation, remove the cream immediately. Do not use the cream if your skin is irritated, inflamed, broken or damaged. Set a timer and stick to the time limit mentioned on the pack. We know how much you want the hair gone, but please do not rub your skin. Just wipe with lukewarm water.

Once the skin is clean, moisturize with a soothing ceramide, almond oil or aloe vera. If you feel some stubble, wait for 48 hours before reusing the cream. Whether it’s a frappe with friends or discussions with the book club, be sure to enjoy the confidence from your beautiful smooth hair-free skin and Shine On #YouGotThis

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